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Originally from Transylvania, Romania, Paul brought his talent and skills to Canada in 2000 to pursue his dreams in the entertainment business, and has worked in London and Los Angeles for the past 11 years. In 2014, Paul launched his photography into the world, representing the culmination of over 20 years of creative visual mastery in the film industry.

Prior to founding Paul Arion Photography, Paul began his adventures in Romania, working for a Norwegian company as modelling supervisor for Free Jimmy, a computer generated film featuring the voices of Woody Harrelson, Kyle MacLachlan and Simon Pegg. While there Paul was instrumental in the success of his team that he build up from scratch and trained.

In 2003, it was Multimedia Capital that made it possible for Paul to make the move to Toronto, Canada working for Core Digital Pictures and Core Feature Animation a company owned in part by William Shatner and dedicated to Visual FX for feature film. There Paul learned compositing, matchmove, light and layout over the course of 7 years and worked on multiple film projects as "Nothing" directed by Vincenzo Natali, Spinning Boris featuring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber, Silent Hill, Ant Bully, The Tudors, an IMAX project, The Mysterious Great Lakes and culminating with The Wild, a feature film produced by Walt Disney and directed by visual FX veteran Steve 'Spaz' Williams.

Departing Core Feature Animation in 2008 to pursue a career specific to his passion of higher visuals and higher budgeted movies and to combine all techniques mastered over the span of close to a decade, Paul moved to London to work for one of the leading companies in the world Moving Picture Company on Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhall and Ben Kingsley. Paul’s work with MPC spanned for 7 years for major motion pictures such as: Clash Of The Titans, worked with Ridley Scott on his epic science fiction blockbuster Prometheus, Superman: Man of Steel, Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men First Class, 300, Maleficent, Harry Potter and many more.

From multiple departments under the visual effects umbrella to the culmination of his key role as Layout Supervisor to deliver Jungle Book (directed by Jon Favreau for Walt Disney), at its release date the most ambitious movie in motion picture history. Jungle Book won an Academy Award for Visual FX.


2017 seen the year where he moved on and accepted the role of Global Head of Layout for dNeg another leader in the Visual FX industry. The team was involved in winning the next 2 Academy Awards for Blade Runner 2049 and First Man.

Coming full circle with the launch of Paul Arion Photography, Paul continues to hone his skills and indulge his obsession with framing, lighting and composition.

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