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Paul Arion Photography Online Shop Opens

I have the pleasure to announce my long-awaited online Photography Shop is now officially open. It is my first collection that comprises of 15 beautiful images from my Corpus Aliena Collection. The corpus Aliena Collection was my solo photography Exhibition that was on display for 3 months in London, UK.

It was visited by a few thousands of people during its display. It is now on for sale. ​ All pictures have a limited edition guarantee and come with a Certificate of Authentication signed by the artist.

The quality of the prints are museum standard and all prints handcrafted one by one carefully and printed on Hahnemühle Paper, a medium that stands out, a paper company that dates way back to the year 1584. That is correct, 1584!

Can void exist? This stunning collection of photographs is a direct representation of solitude, found within the nothingness of vast spaces without human life. How we feel isolated and insignificant in front of the bigger picture and the possibility of being on earth and not perceive earthiness. The Silence, the absence of noise and human interference, the confusion of scale and space. As the photographer states "the infinite space between atoms that creates the matter in the known universe, can't be compared to the emptiness of anything you see", is to feel distorted from what is known.

Images come in 2 formats, large (massive) and small (still a big size). Price increases based on sales.

Large format Limited Edition of 10

Small format Limited Edition of 50

I thank you for your continuous support and interest in my art.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Arion

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